• City of Huntington West Virginia
  • ComiCon of Kansas City
  • BlackDog Advertising
  • Kansas City Royals
  • Marshall University
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Ward Parkway
  • Ella Paradis
  • Sporting KC


  • Juror for S.C.O.R.E.S. Competition
  • Huntington, WV
  • All For Art Public Exhibition
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Scarritt Elementary Mural
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Fourth Avenue Street Medallions
  • Huntington, WV
  • Gallaher Village Square Sign
  • Huntington, WV
  • Juried Exhibition
  • Huntington, WV
  • Birke Art Gallery
  • Huntington, WV


  • B.F.A. Illustration
  • Kansas City Art Institute
  • Kansas City, MO
  • B.F.A. Graphic Design
  • Marshall University
  • Huntington, WV


Student, Designer, Illustrator, Concept Artist, Printmaker, Animator. I’ve tried many things on my road to illustration but I never stop absorbing as much knowledge as I can. I am fascinated by the way the world works. Everything from the human mind to the meiosis of a cell. It dazzles me and I incorporate my fascination into my work. Juxtaposition, contrast and clean lines are where my heart lies. Splatters, rough lines and unforeseen results are where I play. I never stop experimenting. My name is Mika, and I love to learn.



Since early childhood, Mika has had a fascination with taking things apart. Starting with his sisters Barbie’s and moving up to VCR’s, he would gut and deconstruct everything he could get his hands on. He was dazzled by the way things worked and problem solving. As he got older, Mika began to experiment with computers and software, eventually building his own computers and teaching himself basic programming. This led to his discovery of the notorious Adobe Photoshop. Throughout high school he spent all his free time devoted to learning the software and basics of Graphic Design. Upon graduation, he went to Marshall University to officially major in the subject. During his time at Marshall University, Mika double minored in Psychology and Sociology with a focus on body language and Social Stratification. Upon meeting his graduation requirements, he moved to the Mid-West to pursue a degree in Illustration from the Kansas City Art Institute. He plans to pursue grad-school or work in Seattle, WA in the near future.

Throughout his career, Mika has been obsessed with clean design and beautiful typography. He is most influenced by Saul Bass as well as the Bauhaus Era. ‘Form Follows Function’ is his golden rule. He loves to experiment with new color palettes and push the creative barriers for simplistic and minimalist design. During the earlier part of his academic career, Mika was experimenting with type, pushing the envelope past its boundaries and playing with composition. He dabbled in multiple drawing classes and traditional media, working with everything from charcoal to print presses. During his illustration degree, he became fascinated with animation and character design. He worked on a thesis project that combined minimalist design and infographics with animation and contemporary color choices. He strives to keep his work tight and as cleanly presented as possible. Mika works as a web designer for an eCommerce company and plans to pursue infographic design as well as motion graphics as he works towards his goal of being an Art Director.